Felonious assault insurance from Breeden Benefit Group

Felonious Assault Insurance

Insurance in case of a violent crime

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), convenience stores accounted for about 3% of violent crimes overall in 2020, and gas stations accounted for about 2%. In 2020, there were 20,108 incidents of violent crime at convenience stores, and 11,795 at gas stations. The FBI also reported that convenience stores are the fourth most common location for violent crime, accounting for about 10% of all robberies.

Store owners face the horrible reality of a store employee being injured or killed. Workers’ Compensation pays expenses such as medical for injuries and a percentage of salary if an employee is killed. In most cases, Workers’ Compensation is not enough!!

Breeden Benefit Group has created a Felonious Assault Program. The program covers owners and employees while performing work duties.

If death occurs during a Felonious Assault, the plan will pay the family $400,000. There is also a $385 weekly disability benefit while recovering among other benefits. This program was created for convenience store associations throughout the United States. More than $18,000,000 in financial relief has been paid to families. A family member cannot be replaced, however $400,000 will assist with future expenses.

For convenience store associations

If death occurs during a Felonious Assault, the plan will pay the family $400,000. There is also a $385 weekly disability benefit while recovering among other benefits.

For convenience store associations

If death occurs during a Felonious Assault, the plan will pay the family $400,000. There is also a $385 weekly disability benefit while recovering among other benefits.

Felonious Assault Insurance – Client Stories

On Mother’s Day weekend of 2023, my father was murdered in an armed robbery at the age of 83 years old. We were devastated, hurt, shocked, so sad, and depressed since he was our whole world and protector. Mom is almost 73 years old, and we could not process or function in the horrible tragedy in our lives that was so sudden and unexpected. Dad had no life insurance, and Mom and I had no one to help but some of the community donations to deal with his body after the forensic team released it to us.

Some angels sent by God called the Felonious program helped us, a miracle from heaven. These people existed and did the one thing we never expected.

They helped my mother with insurance that helped us survive and helped with bills and other things. These angels ensured my mother would be taken care of and have money to survive for a while. This Felonious group paid my mother $400,000, which we were not expecting, and the help they provided was the best people guiding you through the whole process with excellent service provided by all the agents in the company.

We will never forget these angels sent from heaven to help us, and I truly believe that because they were looking for us since the incident happened, we didn’t know about them. They went out of their way to find and help us when we didn’t even know. We will forever appreciate all their help and kindness, especially since Dad had no life insurance.

Thank you!
Loris Fatayri

Shortly after my brother passed away in 2022, we learned that he had a group life insurance policy managed by Breedan Insurance Group. I contacted Breedan and Talked to Tena Garcia. Tena stayed with me and guided me from the beginning of this process until the proceeds were safely in the accounts of the minor children who were beneficiaries of this policy.

Our situation was complex from the beginning. My brother, who died suddenly and unexpectedly, left three minor children behind, and for some reason or another, no beneficiaries were listed on the policy. All of this complicated the process immensely. There were numerous steps involved, including having to apply for Guardianships. Tena stayed connected with me through this eighteen-month-long process and managed all the communications required between me and the insurance company, frequently checking in with me to make sure the process was progressing. She was understanding, kind, and always reassuring. She returned calls quickly and never showed any impatience with my all too many inquiries. She made the process a lot easier than it would have been otherwise.
Due to the sudden passing of my brother, the family’s finances were not in great shape. The family was not prepared for an event like this, and they did not own their home. It was such a relief to know that he had this policy which is helping in so many ways. First, we were able to put money on a home that they own now, which was crucial to giving them stability as they grow to adulthood. We also were able to save a little for their future needs, such as helping with college. My advice to families with young children is “Please get adequate Insurance’. You never know what can happen.

And my Thanks to Tena Garcia and the Breedan Insurance group.
Naseem Momin

In December 2022, as an employee was locking up the store and leaving for the night, the employee was assaulted and robbed when arriving at his vehicle. The injuries were so severe that this employee required multiple surgeries and spent an extended period not only in the hospital but also in a rehabilitation facility. Unfortunately, his injuries resulted in the Loss of Use/Paralysis and require ongoing care. The Felonious Assault Program helped in a significant way with the benefits that the Felonious Assault Program covers.

  • A weekly benefit amount for up to 26 weeks (about 6 months).
  • Hospital Indemnity Benefit (confined in a hospital for an extended period)
  • Loss of Use/Paralysis — $300,000

Usually, the time frame for a claim to this extent can take up to a year to gather documentation, submit, and get approved. The Breeden Benefit Group worked with all facilities and was able to obtain proper documentation showing the Loss of Paralysis and that the victim would never regain movement. The time frame Breeden Benefit Group was able to get approval was unbelievable. The incident occurred in December 2022, and a check was issued in mid-March 2023. All Tho the family’s lives will never be the same, the Felonious Assault Program was able to provide a large sum that will help with the upcoming medical expenses.